Meet the Staff

The dedicated and knowledgeable staff of the Cumberland Valley Visitors Bureau is here to assist you with your travel needs and any questions you may have. The staff's primary responsibility is to promote Cumberland Valley Pennsylvania as a travel destination and to not only attract visitors, but enhance their stay to keep people coming back time and time again.

Here are the people that make the magic happen.

Jonathan Bowser Jonathan Bowser, CEO
Phone: (717) 240-7181

Jonathan is responsible for leading the development and execution of Cumberland Area Economic Development Corporation’s (CAEDC) short-term and long-term objectives, goals, and strategies. In addition, he is responsible for day-to-day management decisions, which is charged with leveraging and promoting Cumberland County’s economic development and tourism assets to drive growth, create jobs and improve the quality of life. Jonathan is also the CEO of CAEDC’s subsidiary, Real Estate Collaborative, LLC (REC). This organization is responsible for leading real estate development in Cumberland County with a focus on redevelopment opportunities of brownfields, underutilized sites, and targeted assets desired by the community. Jonathan is also the executive staff member of the Cumberland County Industrial Development Authority (CCIDA), which helps promote economic development activity in Cumberland County.
Jonathan joined CAEDC in April 2012. Prior to joining CAEDC, Jonathan was employed at Metro Bank as a Commercial Banker. Jonathan currently serves on several community boards to include; Chairman of Big Brother Big Sisters, Whitaker Center, Harrisburg Area Community College (HACC), and Capital Regional Economic Development Corporation (CREDC). He also sits on the Susquehanna Township Planning Commission Board in his residing municipality. He was previously the Board President and Chairman of the Historic Broad Street Market in Harrisburg, PA. Jonathan holds a Master’s Degree in Business Administration (MBA) from Walden University in Minneapolis, MN, and a Bachelor of Science Degree in Political Science from Morgan State University in Baltimore, MD.
Valerie Copenhaver Valerie Copenhaver, Senior Director of Marketing & Tourism
Phone: (717) 240-7193

Valerie is the Director of Marketing for Cumberland Area Economic Development Corporation (CAEDC). She joined CAEDC in March 2008 and brought over 10 years of experience in communications, business-to-business and consumer marketing, brand development and design.
Valerie led the Cumberland Valley branding effort and is responsible for developing marketing strategies to increase visitation and business attraction to the area, and for economic impact research and analysis. She also oversees CAEDC’s creative services, communications, advertising and visitors services.
Valerie is a graduate of Millersville University and a resident of Cumberland Valley.
Stacey Cornman Stacey Cornman, Visitor Services Manager
Phone: (717) 240-7198

Stacey Cornman is a resident of Cumberland Valley and holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in English from Dickinson College. She has over 20 years of experience in printing and publishing. As the Visitor Services Manager, she manages visitor guide distribution and fulfillment and oversees the Cumberland Valley Visitors Center. Stacey joined CAEDC in January 2011.
Shireen Farr Shireen Farr, COO
Phone: (717) 240-7196

A California native and avid traveler, Shireen relocated to Pennsylvania in 1994 to experience the change of seasons. Shireen joined Cumberland Area Economic Development Corp (CAEDC) in September 2009 as the Cumberland Valley Visitors Bureau Tourism Director. Shireen brought with her nearly 30 years of experience in information technology, operations, customer service, sales, marketing and finance in the telecommunications and yellow pages industry.
In addition to leading destination marketing strategies for the Cumberland Valley Visitors Bureau, as Chief Operating Officer for CAEDC, she is responsible for overseeing finance, administration, operations, marketing and strategic planning.
Shireen resides in Lemoyne with her husband and two cats. Prior to joining CAEDC, Shireen held the elected position of Lemoyne Borough Council President. Shireen holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration from California State University, Long Beach.
Jill Hair Jill Hair, Executive Assistant
Phone: (717) 240-7184

Jill Hair is a resident of Cumberland Valley and holds an Associate’s Degree in Business Management from Harrisburg Area Community College. As the Executive Assistant she is responsible for supporting the Corporation, COO and CEO in the daily operations of the organization. Jill has over 20 years’ of administrative support experience and working with local non-profit agencies. She has been with the Carlisle Area Economic Development Corporation since January 2018.
Rafael Hernandez Rafael Hernandez, Creative Services Manager
Phone: (717) 240-7194

Rafael Hernandez is a resident of York County. He holds an Associate's Degree in Graphic Design from Pennsylvania College of Art and Design. He has over 18 years of experience in graphic design. As the Creative Services Manager he is responsible for all Cumberland Area Economic Development Corporation's creative design and web site management. Rafael has been with the CAEDC since October of 2008.
Aaron Jumper, Communications Coordinator Aaron Jumper, Social Media & Travel Media Manager
Phone: (717) 240-7185

Aaron Jumper is a 2012 graduate of Millersville University with a Bachelor of Science in Speech Communication. He comes from a background of television and social media, and served in the Pennsylvania Army National Guard. Aaron's role as Communications Coordinator includes social media initiatives, developing online content, tradeshow planning, and newsletter distribution. He joined Cumberland Area Economic Development Corporation in April 2014.
Ashley Kurtz Ashley Kurtz, Marketing Manager
Phone: (717) 240-7192

Ashley Kurtz is a resident of Cumberland Valley and holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration from Central Penn College. As the Promotions Manager she is responsible for advertising, campaign management and grant administration. Ashley has been with the Cumberland Area Economic Development Corporation since June 2008, when she started as an intern. Prior to starting at CAEDC, she worked as the Office Manager for the Pennsylvania Federation of Sportsmen's Clubs. She is also a member of Carlisle Young Professionals and is part of the PR Committee.
Laura Potthoff Laura Potthoff, Business & Workforce Development Manager
Phone: (717) 240-7197

Laura joined Cumberland Area Economic Development Corporation in October 2014, as the Business Retention & Finance Manager. Laura is responsible for managing CAEDC's new and existing relationships with Tourism and Economic Development partners to help generate business opportunities and workforce development in Cumberland County. Laura received her Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics from Dickinson College. Laura comes to us with extensive experience in private higher education, having been an integral part of the Finance team at Dickinson. Laura has experience in program management, relationship management, event planning, recruitment and retention, and budget analysis.
Shelby Rexrode Shelby Rexrode, Project Manager
Phone: (717) 240-7186

Shelby Rexrode joined Cumberland Area Economic Development Corporation in September 2015 as our Economic Development Administrator. She is responsible for providing support for our grant and loan administration programs and governmental relations efforts. Shelby also holds a supporting role with the Cumberland York Area Local Defense Group, and provides administration support for the Cumberland County Industrial Development Authority.
Shelby received her Bachelor of Arts degree in Government and Political Affairs from Millersville University, and holds minors in Economics and International Studies. Shelby comes to us with a background in political affairs, previously working at a Political Consulting Firm in Harrisburg, PA that handles the fundraising and campaign operations for a variety of elected officials in the Commonwealth.
Dawn Rickenbach Dawn Rickenbach, Tourism Development Manager
Phone: Office: (717) 240-7191

Dawn Rickenbach is a native of Cumberland Valley and a graduate of Boiling Springs High School. Dawn joined the Cumberland Area Economic Development office in September 2008 and brought with her a diverse background in the travel and tourism industry. She's had 25 years of experience in areas such as, travel agencies, event housing, Attractions/Events, and hotel Director of Sales. As the Tourism Development Manager she is responsible for building relationships, creating partnerships and connecting resources with tourism businesses to produce and grow their customer base, overnight stays and repeat visits.
Kristen Rowe Kristen Rowe, Director of Marketing & Communications
Phone: (717) 240-7195 - (717) 592-8286

Kristen Rowe is a resident of Cumberland Valley and holds a Bachelor of Arts in Communications/Journalism from Shippensburg University. As the Communications Manager she is responsible for CAEDC communications, news releases, social media and other public relations initiatives. Kristen has been with the Cumberland Area Economic Development Corporation since May 2008, when she started as an intern.
Lauren Yinger Lauren Yinger, Promotions Coordinator
Phone: (717) 240-7187

Lauren Yinger is a 2008 graduate from Shippensburg University and holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Marketing. As the Promotions Coordinator she is responsible for providing marketing support and coordinating events for all segments of Cumberland Area Economic Development Corporation’s tourism and economic development initiatives and programs. Lauren joined CAEDC in August 2017.