Grants Support Experiential Tourism through Advertising, Signage & Product Development

CARLISLE, PA (October 10, 2012) - The Cumberland Valley Visitors Bureau (CVVB) is pleased to announce the recipients of the 2012 Summer Tourism Grant Program.  This round of grants includes 10 recipients totaling $45,656.

Since 2010, the CVVB has awarded nearly $102,000 in grants to twenty organizations representing heritage, culture, agriculture and experiential tourism.

Up to $50,000 of the Cumberland Valley's Lodging Tax was designated for a grant program this summer that supports five strategic areas of interest. Those areas are: Advertising in CVVB Target Markets of Baltimore and Washington D.C., Experiential Brochure Printing, Media Development/ Improvements to Support Marketing Efforts, Signage Program, and Tour Creation/ Tourism Product Development.

Below is a list of the recipients, the grant amount awarded and the area of interest. A half cash match was required and awards were determined by an independent grant review panel. This year the CVVB aligned their grant program with the South Mountain Partnership grant program allowing applicants to apply for matching funds.  

Appalachian Trail Conservancy $2,100 Signage
The Appalachian Trail Conservancy received a grant to install a wall mural and brochure racks at the Appalachian Trail Conservancy Welcome Center in Boiling Springs.

Boiling Springs Civic Association $1,120 Experiential Brochure
The Boiling Spring Civil Association received a grant to update and reprint the popular Boiling Springs Walking Tour Brochure.

Camp Hill Economic Dev. Group $5,000 Advertising
Camp Hill Economic Development Group received a grant to advertise the Plein Air Competition & Arts Festival in the Baltimore/D.C. market. This will be the third annual Plein Air event held in downtown Camp Hill.

Carlisle Events $10,000 Advertising/Media Dev./Tourism Dev.
Carlisle Events received a grant to create and advertise scenic driving itineraries, from Baltimore to Carlisle and throughout the Cumberland Valley, that are linked to car shows.

Central Pennsylvania Conservancy $2,000 Experiential Brochure
The Central Pennsylvania Conservancy received a grant to print brochures for the Ironmaster's Mansion promoting general, wedding, and youth group activities. This grant was leveraged by the South Mountain Grant program.

Cumberland County Planning Department $4,475 Experiential Brochure
Cumberland County Planning Department received a grant to update and print approximately 10,000 copies of the popular Simply Moving Guide. This guide highlights all the outdoor recreation opportunities in the Valley. This grant was leveraged by the South Mountain Grant program.

Harrisburg Riverboat Society, Inc $4,000 Signage
The Harrisburg Area Riverboat Society, Inc. received a grant to place interpretive markers at the Susquehanna River School and Educational Park on City Island.

Shippensburg DOIT $8,000 Signage
Shippensburg DOIT received a grant to create the second historical mural in downtown Shippensburg, with the ultimate goal of creating a mural trail.

Shippensburg University $781 Signage
Shippensburg University received a grant to place two brochure racks with signage at the Conference Center.

Timber Hill Technology Solutions, LLC $8,180 Advertising/Experiential Brochure/Media Dev.
Timber Hill Technology Solutions, LLC received a grant to develop and market a Cumberland Valley Foot and Bike Series that will co-brand existing races under the Cumberland Valley name.

The CVVB is very pleased to be able to offer grants to these organizations that will create new experiences in Cumberland Valley and promote the brand in our target markets. "The grant program has become a powerful tool for the CVVB to expand its reach and capacity through other community organizations and to develop new partnerships," said Shireen Farr, CVVB Director of Tourism.

The CVVB's intent is to continue the grant program in 2013 with a continued focus on expanding experiential tourism through signage, advertising and unique product development.