Carlisle, PA - Carlisle Events recently concluded its 40th season of operation, while local establishment Market Cross Pub & Brewery completed its 20th year. Now, as both are well into a new year of business, each is pleased to once more announce a beer themed partnership for 2015. This time, however; the theme is associated with a show that, much like the craft beer scene, is rapidly growing.

As part of this summer's Carlisle Chrysler Nationals, the pub will brew a beer dubbed Chrysler Carburetor Kölsch. Generated by brew master Kevin Spicer, the Kölsch is an ale brewed like a lager. Once completed, it'll be pale gold in color with a soft rounded palate, providing medium to low bitterness with a noble hop. The process to brew takes about three weeks and the keg fill will occur during Carlisle Chrysler Nationals. With the show itself running July 10-12, the official keg tapping will take place on Thursday, July 9 at 8 p.m. at the pub, located at 113 North Hanover St. in downtown Carlisle.

This year's keg tapping is the fourth such tribute by Market Cross Pub to Carlisle Events and the half a million enthusiasts who help contribute some $98 million annually into the local economy. The Chrysler Carburetor Kölsch joins the likes of Car Show Cream Ale (2014), Shelby Summer Stang Ale (2013) and Carlisle Blue Brew (2012). As always, the keg tapping at the pub will bring lots of fanfare with it, as it will immediately follow the annual Carlisle Chrysler Nationals kick-off party.

The aforementioned party, backed by the Mopar Rebellion car club, has previously taken place in nearby Mechanicsburg, but this year will be held at the Carlisle Expo Center. After a few hours at the Kick-Off, the fun and festivities continue at the pub with great food and the Kölsch.

"The Market Cross family is always excited to work with our neighbors at Carlisle Events," noted General Manager Ashleigh Corby! "We enjoy all of the international guests that visit us for these events. The Kölsch style is making a comeback and it is a well rounded beer that is popular amongst many beer lovers. It will quench your thirst and entertain your taste buds," concluded Corby.

Just like the brew from the pub, Chrysler weekend honors the history of the hobby. This year, guests will enjoy a 20th anniversary display of Dodge Neons, a special display of AAR ‘Cudas and T/A Challengers 1970, Shelby products from the ‘80s and a showcase of the Forward Look cars, made popular in the late ‘50s and early ‘60s.

To get involved with the Carlisle Chrysler Nationals, contact Carlisle Events directly at 717-243-7855 or online at