CARLISLE, PA - Time flies when you are having fun! That phrase could not be more true for the owners and supporters of two of Carlisle's longest running business, Carlisle Events and Market Cross Pub & Brewery. Both companies are family-owned, entertain thousand annually and have deep roots within the Carlisle community. Carlisle Events opened its doors in 1974 and is celebrating its 40th Anniversary season, while Market Cross Pub is honoring 20 years, having opened in 1994. In total, these companies have made Carlisle a destination for car lovers and lovers of good food, spirits and a night on the town!

Annually, Carlisle Events welcomes over a half a million enthusiasts to central Pennsylvania, many of whom patronize local establishments in downtown Carlisle for food, drinks and entertainment once their day of car show fun has concluded. In fact, car shows at Carlisle help contribute an estimated $100 million into the local economy annually. Market Cross Pub is one such business that benefits due to its popularity and close proximity to the Carlisle Fairgrounds. Known locally as a place to go for an eclectic mix of fare and drinks, Market Cross Pub earned its name from Carlisle, England and its famed Market Cross Square.

In recent years, Carlisle Events and Market Cross Pub have worked hand in hand to draw enthusiasts into downtown Carlisle for various reasons. It doesn't matter if it's to support the two automotive-themed parades which take place annually, block parties which are open to community members, live music on the square or in the case of 2011, when the pub tapped a special beer created as a tribute to Corvettes at Carlisle.

Now, with the 2014 season such a big deal for both the pub and Carlisle Events, the minds behind the menu are at it again and will offer a special brew dubbed Car Show Cream Ale. The ale is already in the creation process and will be officially tapped and available for the very first time during Spring Carlisle weekend. The tapping itself takes place on Wednesday, April 23 at 6 p.m. and becomes another great reason for the 100,000 guests who flock to America's Automotive Hometown to come downtown Carlisle.

"When car show season rolls around, we always look forward to our enthusiasts not only enjoying what we have to offer, but also what our local community and businesses offer too," said Lance Miller, co-owner of Carlisle Events. "When the local community and businesses come together to help one another, there is no better feeling in my opinion. Best of all, when these local entities roll out the proverbial welcome mat to our visitors as they come to town, it makes them feel even more welcome in Carlisle," continued Miller. "Whether our guests are enjoying a Car Show Cream Ale at Market Cross Pub or shopping for their significant other at a local store, it makes the 'coming to Carlisle' experience good all around and everyone benefits!"

"This year, Carlisle Events is celebrating 40 years in Carlisle and at Market Cross Pub & Brewery we felt it fitting to brew a special anniversary beer in their honor," said JoAnne Goss, owner of Market Cross Pub. "This is our 20th anniversary in Carlisle too and this creation is a very unique brew for us and a fitting ale for the 40th Anniversary of Carlisle Events. We encourage enthusiasts who come to Carlisle for shows to visit downtown Carlisle and swing by our pub for not only the Car Show Cream Ale, but for great food too! Cheers to Cars."

The downtown excitement runs all season with Carlisle Events and Market Cross Pub. Between April and October, Carlisle Events will offer automotive-based excitement, while Market Cross Pub will continue to offer its special anniversary brew to enthusiasts and guests of not only events backed by Carlisle, but also for people who come to the mid-state for activities hosted by other great outlets within the Cumberland Valley.