CARLISLE, PA - There are big events and then there are BIG EVENTS! The Carlisle Ford Nationals will be the latter of the two . This year's offering, June 6-8 at the Carlisle PA Fairgrounds, once again welcomes a showfield of some 3,000 cars, nearly 50,000 enthusiasts, autocross, test drives, onsite installations, a downtown parade, swap meet, car corral and special displays. It's the special displays in 2014, however, that will potentially blow the proverbial doors off the grounds and forever change the face of the way the Ford community looks at this special weekend.

2014 is the 110th Anniversary of Ford and the 50th Anniversary of the fabled Ford Mustang. Plus, this year is also the 40th Anniversary of Carlisle Events. When added together, Carlisle will be home to some amazing pieces of automotive history via special displays and honors. First, to honor Ford itself, Building G is slated to host a 110 car/truck display that will do its best to showcase a true automotive timeline. Committed to date are cars ranging from as early as 1929, though submissions are coming in daily and it's a safe bet that even more vintage classics will find their way to Carlisle. As of now, a trio of Brewster cars and the following marks are involved too: Edsel, Torino, Fairlane, Galaxie, Thunderbird, Bronco, Model A, F-100, Country Squire and so many more!

As Mustangs go, there will be lots of them. The Mustang is Ford muscle through and through and as it turns 50, onsite displays will honor its history. First, there is a 50 car/50 year display. One Mustang from each year of production will be available. This compliments perfectly two other special Mustang displays, including a Special Edition factory display where some very unique and in most cases, one-off cars can be seen.

Another great draw will be the 2015 Ford Mustang and 2015 Ford F-150, both new and to date, not available for purchase. Confirmed for the event is at least one pre-production model of each. The new Mustang and new F-150 bring much hype to Carlisle and this excitement and hype will be accompanied by Ford engineers and representatives from the company. They'll be hosting walk-around talks throughout the weekend on the new offerings from Ford in and around the Ford Racing Garage. Surrounded by historic celebrations, the future of Ford will also be on display and is a must-see attraction.

While three days simply isn't enough time to see all the cars at Carlisle, it does provide a great timeframe to see what is on display and to experience the additional aspects of the weekend. Saturday evening the Fords go downtown for the always popular Downtown Carlisle Parade and Street Party, the Carlisle Expo Center hosts the Ford Go Further Ride and Drive Experience all weekend and autocross enthusiasts can take passes on the course and speak with Ford experts on how to better enhance their ride. Speaking of which, the Ford Racing Garage is back at Carlisle too, providing onsite installations at no charge all while guests walk the grounds and enjoy the show!

Making the weekend even more exciting is an all-new contest promoted by Ford Racing and Carlisle Events. Thousands will enter, but only one will win the shopping spree of a lifetime. Though contest specifics are still being finalized, once live, a Blue Oval enthusiast can win a $2,000 Ford Racing Performance Parts Giveaway.

Showgoers looking for more details on the event can visit or call 717-243-7855. In addition, invitational cars accepted to date are available for review via photo online too. This gallery is updated regularly and provides a great sneak peek into the Building G, T and Y displays.