CARLISLE, PA - Hot, fresh, stylish, slammed and stanced - these words and many more will be uttered in 2014 as part of Carlisle Performance & Style. The caliber and quality of car coming to Carlisle will no doubt bring enthusiasts from far and wide to America's Automotive Hometown to experience the hottest trends in the hobby today. Select special displays, plus interactivity in the form of autocross, drifting, burnouts and beauty will perfectly compliment this great lifestyle event

Where to start? First, if cruising through Gate 3, the main entrance to the Carlisle PA Fairgrounds, enthusiasts will see a nicely laid out showfield that covers portions of the north and south side of the property. Once parked, the real adventure begins. The closest building to the main entrances is Building Z and this area is right under the main grandstand. Within Z, a great display known as the East Coast Bullies will available for all to enjoy. Presented by Tuner Evolution, the ECB display welcomes the hottest and best VIP, JDM and Performance & Style vehicles on the East Coast. This display is back by popular demand, having drawn thousands past it in 2013 when it was initially presented at Carlisle.

Continuing east on the grounds are Buildings T, Y and a pair of pavilions. Building T, which is the most frequented location on grounds welcomes Lowlapalooza, presented by JunkStyles x LowLifeStyle. When guests are looking for the freshest stanced and slammed cars, they should look no further than the area in and around T. For all things low and flush, this display brings great rides from all over the east coast to Carlisle and best of all, it's open to all makes of machines.

Next door, Building Y hosts something brand new for the P&S event - a supercar and exotics display. There will be a Ford GT onsite, plus additional options may include the likes of Lamborghini, Ferrari, BMW, Porsche and more. Every car that comes to Carlisle is unique, but these will stand head and shoulders above the rest.

Another great display will be on the far east side of the property in and around the Auto Trader Classics Pavilion and will be known as Eurovillion. Eurovillion welcomes slammed and stanced Audis and Volkswagens plus the ultimate driving machines like BMWs and all the brands in between. This display was born from the positive response generated from the European Invitational in 2013 and the emerging growth of European vehicles at our show and within the hobby. There will also be a designated showfield with invitational displays as well as a related vendor area surrounding the pavilion.

These cars and displays are just a few great features for enthusiasts in 2014. Anyone who registers a car to be judged will be evaluated by the professional group from via drive-through judging and can do so at convenient slotted times. Further activities include a burnout competition, drifting, autocross, beauty contest, Sunday awards parade, R/C drifting, a Friday kick-off and more! Full event details, including how to register are available via