CARLISLE, PA (April 20, 2011) - Carlisle Sports Emporium, a year-round entertainment complex on South Middlesex Road, just opened a new 2-story laser tag arena on March 26.

"The Arena is state of the art for the country, and it is the largest in a multi-state area. The game is played on two levels which creates a complete new intensity of play--  pretty Incredible! The response has been great. It is definitely a must play," commented Keith Plasterer.

The Sports Emporium has had laser tag for years, but it was limited to a single story. Building a second level in the existing laser tag room has increased the size of the arena by over 1700 square feet.

At over 6200 square feet, the new arena will be the largest in the area. The arena features a large upstairs mezzanine with four ramps leading from the ground level. New obstacles in the arena glow blue, red and green in the black light.

"Multi-level laser tag arenas are the most popular around the United States. A two-story environment captures a full 3D style environment popular in today's video games" said Jason Bock, the Laser Tag Guy, a 25-year player and consultant in the laser tag industry.

Laser tag is an electronic version of the game of tag. Players wear a high-tech vest and use a phaser to tag players on the opposing team. Each player's score is electronically calculated for each game.

Laser tag is enjoyed by all ages, but it is the most popular party and group event attraction at the Sports Emporium.  It's like a video game brought to life. In many ways, it's better than a video game because players are interacting while they're having fun.

In addition to laser tag Carlisle Sports Emporium has 3 go-kart tracks, 2 themed mini-golf course, a roller skating rink, batting cages, Cafe and the largest arcade in South Central Pennsylvania including an indoor rock climbing wall.

Go kart racing is one of the most popular attractions. The three separate tracks means the Sports Emporium has go-karts available to drivers of every skill level, from kids to adults. With an indoor track and two outdoor tracks, drivers can race year round, rain or shine.

The Grand Prix Track is a quarter mile with a bridge overpass on the track. The go-karts are themed with today's NASCAR greats.

The cloverleaf style Outdoor Super Slick track simulates Indy style racing with miniature Indy-style go-karts. The slick surfaces make racing more realistic and challenging.

The Indoor Fastrack offers a similar driving experience in an oval with banked turns featuring a "drifting" style power slide for a true racing experience. Sports Emporium has rookie go-karts for younger drivers on the indoor track.

Another popular outdoor attraction is miniature golf. The complex has two themed courses for a total of 36 holes. The Castle Course features a medieval castle while the western course has several western-style themed attractions and buildings. Both courses have holes underneath flowing waterfall.

There are also batting cages with 40-70 mph hardball and slow and fast pitch softball. Also outside is a large picnic pavilion for 200+ people outdoors. With many local companies having summer picnics again, Carlisle Sports Emporium has both outdoor and indoor activities in case of poor weather.

Inside, the complex there is an arcade, café and a full skating rink on the second floor. The skating rink has open skate times on Saturdays and Sundays. The rink is available for private rental throughout the week.

The facility recently added many new arcade attractions and upgraded the private VIP event room inside. Many groups have used the private event space for everything from church gatherings to teambuilding to sales meetings. It's a professional space for 50+ people.

Carlisle Sports Emporium has handled groups of all sizes, from 50 to over 1000 people at a time.

The Sports Emporium has been a popular interactive entertainment complex South Central Pennsylvania destination for 18 years.