CARLISLE, PA (September 22, 2008) - The Cumberland Valley Visitors Bureau (CVVB) has relaunched a new and improved Web site to attract more visitation throughout the county. 

The vibrant new look and rich content are designed to enlighten visitors about the full range of the county’s diverse vacation, recreation and business meeting options. The new, easy-to-use navigation, tips and tools help visitors find the information they’re looking for quickly. 

Developed by VQC Designs in Harrisburg, the refreshed Web site is the result of brainstorming sessions between VQC and representatives of the CVVB held earlier this year. The goal was to create a new Web site that improved awareness of, and visitation to, Cumberland Valley as a tourist destination. The development team delivered on this goal by creating an easy-to use Web site that reflects the friendly and unique character of the county. Valerie Hacker, CVVB marketing manager, says, “We expect this new site to have a positive, noticeable impact on visitation to our county-wide attractions. It showcases the diverse culture and rich history of our cities, towns and natural, rural areas. This is a powerful online tool that depicts our county’s full array of things to do and places to see. It communicates to multiple audiences including vacationing families, social and religious groups, and meeting and event planners.”

“The functional difference between the former site and this new one is dramatic,” says Hacker. “It has a much cleaner interface that is very easy to navigate. We took advantage of the latest Internet technology to include interactive features like Flash animation to make the site as exciting as possible. We are very happy and proud of the result.” Hacker concludes, “We want our county’s stakeholders to understand that the new Web site is a highly effective marketing tool they can take advantage of to drive interest and business to their doorstep.”

Although the site officially relaunched on September 5, 2008, it is by no means finished. Hacker says the CVVB has plans to add new content and features down the road. The additions will be targeted to visitors and to stakeholders, for an even more robust Web site.

Highlights of the New Features and Tools.

• Content Management System – internal system
• Flash Animation on Homepage
• Partners Directory with Interactive Google® Maps
• Online Visitors Guide PDF
• Calendar of Events and Event Posting Request Options
• Photo gallery and Rotating Images
• Profiles of Cities and Towns
• Online Coupons, Offers and Packages, Giveaway Feature
• Road Trip Suggestions
• Tools to Assist Meeting Planners and Tour Organizers
• Media Releases, Announcements and RSS Feed
• Travel Blog

For more information and to see the new Web site, visit or call 888-513-5130.


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