CARLISLE, PA - By mid-May, Carlisle Events will have completed three of its 11 events for 2016. However; through early May, those three will have all been swap meet based weekends. Now, with the first specialty show on the horizon, the Carlisle PA Fairgrounds will come to life in a new and unique way. Together again for the first time in over 10 years, the Carlisle Import & Kit Nationals come together with Carlisle Performance & Style to form the newly branded Carlisle Import & Performance Nationals. This weekend combines all the excitement of the former P&S weekend with the elegance of the import event. This newly re-branded weekend welcomes performance based domestics as well as decades of history with imports from around the world.

Running May 20-22, and hosting nearly 30,000 guests, Carlisle Import & Performance will see 100 years of automotive history showcased. Cars are parked on grounds by country of origin and countries include England, Germany, France, Japan, Korea, the United States, Italy and Sweden. For 2016, the featured country is Germany, meaning guests can expect a wide array of BMWs, Audis, Mercedes, Porsches and VWs just to name a few. As part of this international showcase, guests can walk the grounds and have a special passport booklet stamped, allowing for prizes at the end of this "around the world" tour.

Kit cars are an important facet of this event, as they comprise a significant portion of the showfield. Additionally, many manufactures can be found in and around Building Y, with the latest in kit cars and components. For the kit enthusiasts, the event includes special guests who host seminars regarding the upkeep and creation of kits. Each of these seminars is free with a paid admission and provides invaluable information for the true automotive enthusiast.

Not only is there an international flavor from the import side of the event, the performance audience brings a unique take on the hobby to the table. Words like slammed, stanced, shaved, tucked and hooning are popular terms and each offer something unique for guests to enjoy. There's autocross at the event, which has been the case for some time, but now added to the mix will be drifting, both hosted by NICOClub. Special displays include one featuring right-hand drive cars, one with shaved and tucked engine bays, race prepared vehicles on a special paddock, and of course there are competitions all weekend long.

New to the agenda for 2016 is a two-round beauty contest, a low car limbo, rolling exhaust contest, burnouts and various forms of judging, including drive-thru and Carlisle Elite. Finally, what would a car show be at Carlisle without a swap meet, car corral and midway? Browse for your first or next classic, find those unique pieces and parts for an at-home project or pick up products that will take your ride to the next level. The weekend has it all and details are available now at