CARLISLE, PA (November 7, 2011) - The Cumberland Valley Visitors Bureau (CVVB) is pleased to announce the recipients of the 2011 Fall Tourism Grant Program. 

In 2011, up to $50,000 of the Cumberland Valley's Lodging Tax Income was designated for a grant program and the fall program is the second round of grants in 2011. In the spring of 2011, the Tourism Grant Program awarded $13,075 to four organizations that received funds to support the Civil War Sesquicentennial and agri-tourism areas of interest.

The goals of the fall grant program were to support three strategic areas of interest. The three areas include; Experiential Brochure Printing, Experience Creation and a Signage Program. Awards were determined by an independent grant review panel, consisting of local experts from the CVVB and Brand Advisory Committee. Below is a list of the recipients, the grant amount awarded and the area of interest. A half cash match was required.

Appalachian Trail Conservancy $1,580 Signage Program

Army Heritage Center Foundation $8,000 Signage Program

Audubon Pennsylvania $5,250 Experiential Brochures/ Signage Program

Borough of Carlisle / Dept. of Parks & Recreation $5,010 Experiential Brochures

Downtown Carlisle Association $4,184 Signage Program

Downtown Organizations Investing Together $8,000 Signage Program

LeTort Regional Authority $2,200 Signage Program

March to Destiny $4,000 Signage Program

Mountain Lakes Market $1,265 Signage Program

Perry County Council of the Arts $900 Experiential Brochure

Total: $40,389

The Appalachian Trail Conservancy received a grant to upgrade and install three informational kiosks along the Appalachian Trail in Cumberland Valley.

The Army Heritage Center Foundation received a grant for the production, labor, installation, space leasing and permits for a directional sign off Interstate 81.

Audubon Pennsylvania received a grant for the design, layout, production and printing of three interpretive signs in the Waggoner's Gap amphitheatre and an interpretative brochure for the hawk watching site.

The Borough of Carlisle Department of Parks and Recreation received a grant for the printing of 25,000 brochures that will highlight bike lanes, wayside markers located along the lanes, parks and major attractions.

The Downtown Carlisle Association received a grant for the creation and materials for color coded street sign banners that correspond to the downtown guide.

Downtown Organizations Investing Together received a grant for the creation, painting and materials for a historical mural depicting Shippensburg on the side of Shipwreck Pub.

The LeTort Regional Authority received a grant for the design, construction and installation of four trailside plaques along the LeTort Nature Trail.

The Shippensburg Historical Society for the March to Destiny event received a grant for the purchase of banners, printing of collateral and billboard advertising for the annual Civil War reenactment event.

Mountain Lakes Market, LLC received a grant for a new sign in front of their business and directional signage on Route 11 and Route 641.

Perry County Council of the Arts received a grant for the printing of updated Rt. 15 ByWay of the Arts trail guides.

The CVVB is very pleased to be able to offer grants to these organizations to not only create new experiences and signage programs, but to further promote the Cumberland Valley brand. "The grant program is a powerful way for the CVVB to expand our reach and capacity through other community organizations," said Shireen Farr, CVVB Director of Tourism.

The CVVB's intent is to continue the grant program in 2012 with a continued focus on history experiences and itineraries, the development of agri-tourism, and incorporation of the Cumberland Valley brand throughout the community which could include signage, kiosks, and experiential itineraries.

The Cumberland Valley Visitors Bureau is also part of Pennsylvania's Dutch Country Roads region, the number one visited region in PA, a true vacation destination where country meets city and the past lives side-by-side with the present.

The mission of the Cumberland Valley Visitors Bureau is to promote Cumberland Valley as a tourist destination, attract visitors to the area, enhance the visitor's experience, and to encourage and promote overnight stays.