The historic town of Carlisle was featured in a travel article in the Fairfax Times.

"This small Pennsylvania town attracts students, car collectors, history buffs, nature enthusiasts and more.

From college students to car enthusiasts, Carlisle, Pa., boasts an eclectic population of both residents and visitors alike. Located in the Cumberland Valley, the small town is home to both Dickinson College--chartered in 1783 by Benjamin Rush, a signer of the Declaration of Independence, making it the first college established in the new United States of America--and the U.S Army War College. Carlisle is also famously known for the Carlisle Events Auto Shows that take place every year and attract thousands of visitors who come to town for the annual swap meets, auctions, industry celebrity guests, downtown parades, and specialty shows like the Sports & Outdoors Show and Truck Nationals. The region is also a mecca for antiques-hunters, festival-goers, nature-lovers, and more."

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