From the Producers of “Corvette Nation”, Be part of “Ford GT, An American Icon”

CARLISLE, PA - Lights, camera, action! The 2015 edition of the Carlisle Ford Nationals will feature more than enough classics for any die-hard Ford enthusiast. This year's event, June 5-7 at the Carlisle PA Fairgrounds will showcase a special display that will draw TV cameras from around the world. The display is focused on Ford's Supercar, the GT and for three days, the eye of the camera and the eyes of the 50,000+ guests at Carlisle will be focused on this unique gathering of millions of dollars worth of exotic cars.

Goin' Mobile Video Productions, the Producers of the hugely successful "Corvette Nation" TV Series, which airs on Discovery's Velocity Channel will be onsite as well. Goin' Mobile, along with Executive Producer Howard Lipkint, are producing a new, unique series titled "Ford GT, An American Icon". This new Ford themed program, will hit the air Saturday mornings on Velocity starting in September of 2015, and has been in production since last August. During that time, select GT owners and experts converged at the Carlisle Expo Center to speak about the car and its history. Now, some 10 months later, the cameras, crew and experts will be back at Carlisle to continue filming for the upcoming multi-episode series where the Carlisle Ford Nationals event will be the anchor location throughout their broadcast run. In between, Lipkint and the show's host, "GT" Joey Limongelli have filmed segments at shows in Detroit, New York and Amelia Island, Florida.

What can fans of the GT expect from the show? According to Lipkint, "The series takes an in-depth look at one of the most revered American sports cars in history. From its racing roots at the famed 24 Hours of Le Mans to the limited availability as a consumer model, viewers will meet the engineers, technicians, drivers and current owners of this extraordinary racing machine."

The show was not only born out of the passion of GT owners around the world, it was launched on a passionate suggestion from Carlisle Events co-owner and GT owner Lance Miller. As Miller worked closely with Lipkint on filming sessions for "Corvette Nation", he shared his love for the Ford GT, the upcoming anniversary of the consumer model of this car and that the Carlisle Ford Nationals, the world's largest all-Ford themed event, would be honoring this car and its own 20th anniversary in 2015. From there, Lipkint was hooked. Miller introduced him to "GT" Joey and not long after, the project was in place and moving forward.

Fans of "Corvette Nation" may see some similarities between that show and the brand new GT themed one, but only because the Corvette and the Ford GT are THE most popular American built sports cars in history. Both cars have a large group of enthusiasts and are well renowned for their styling and performance. Otherwise, this new GT TV venture will really delve deep into the racing history of the Ford GT40 and the trials and tribulations that the designers and engineers encountered in bringing this car to the general public.

Anyone coming to Carlisle in June could find themselves on camera because of these iconic cars. With 200+ expected, Lipkint and his team will have plenty of automotive history to showcase and it's all happening at Carlisle starting June 5. Complete details on the display, the special VIP packages associated with the celebration and more are available at

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