NEWVILLE, PA (August 2, 2012) - On Monday August 6th, thirteen Informational Signs were installed along the Cumberland Valley Rail Trail between Shippensburg Township Park and the Newville Trailhead Park.

Seven of the signs deal with the Agricultural Heritage of the Cumberland Valley, and six signs deal with the history of the Cumberland Valley Railroad during the Civil War. The signs tell two very different and important stories about the Cumberland Valley.

The sign project was produced by the Cumberland Valley Rail Trail Council and was funded with grants from the Cumberland Valley Visitors Bureau and the South Mountain Partnership.

The Borough of Newville provided facilities maintenance personnel, materials and expertise for the installation of the signs.

Electronic versions of the signs can be viewed at the following web address.

To celebrate the completion of the sign project, bicycle rides are being offered on Sept. 1st and 2nd by the Cumberland Valley Rail Trail Council as part of South Mountain Outdoors 2012 .