CARLISLE, PA (July 31, 2009) - Market Cross Pub & Brewery is proud to introduce one of Philadelphia's up and coming, The Great Unknown to Carlisle, PA on Saturday, August 8th 9 p.m. - 1 a.m. with no cover charge. 

With or without microphones, the whole band is singing. Songs about skyscrapers, ending droughts, literary characters, and everyday struggle separate this band from others who link themselves to only a few standard topics. 

The Great Unknown approaches its themes like a traditional American band nodding to Guthrie, Dylan and The Band but still developing a sound that is modern.

Playing quietly so as not to wake the elderly neighbors, The Great Unknown began in a grandfather's apartment. Surrounded by family pictures and antique furniture, singer Todd Henkin and Guitarist Matt Goldsborough worked through the winter at fostering a creative partnership. The idea was to create tightly crafted songs that had stories and images and melodies to which people could relate. Often described by others in early concerts as "genuine and honest music," the two knew they had something worth working on.

After many tryouts and practices the two found others to join them in West Philadelphia in their efforts to create a full band. What they found was beyond just a group of musicians but a group of people united in creating something real. Landing gigs around the city, the group soon found that others would react to this "genuine" band and its unique and infectious joy of performing. There is something raw and believable in The Great Unknown that has drawn in fans from all ages and will continue to do so as it picks up its inevitable momentum.

Twenty Pounds of Headlines: "The Great Unknown have the time of their lives, as though every number was the closing of a concert given to celebrate the end of the world." (Nick Diulio, February 2009)

The Philadelphia Inquirer: "These truck-stop cowboys from West Philly bring more snap and vehemence to their songs than this genre (think Wilco, for purposes of orientation) usually offers." (David Hiltbrand, 5/17/08)

Origivation Magazine: "This is a band that you really can't afford not to hear." (June 2008)

Market Cross Pub & Brewery has made a commitment to bring great national acts to Carlisle, Pennsylvania for all styles of listeners to enjoy.  From bluegrass to jazz to Frank Zappa influences, Market Cross is ready to lead the way in Central Pennsylvania to bring unknown names with great musical talent to the forefront.

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