Shops in downtown Mechanicsburg were featured on A Day Away Travel Blog.

"If only I'd had more time. Who knew picturesque Mechanicsburg, a sturdy stone town in Pennsylvania's Cumberland Valley, would have such interesting shopping?!

But it does and on my afternoon there, I strolled when I should have run. I just didn't have enough time.

Still I had fun and came home with a few packages. From Mechanicsburg. Who doesn't like shopping? Especially when you're looking for shoes and chocolate and may be something you might not have found anywhere else. The local mall looks like every other local mall but a small town with good shopping - that's where I find the good stuff.

And look what I found: a gorgeous pair of black hand-tooled leather clogs from Just Clogs (which has been selling shoes in this location for 35 years), some great candy from Brittle Bark (Rachael Ray has raved about their brittle on her talk show), and some advice and paste wax from Caromal Colours (not sexy but valuable)."

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