CARLISLE, PA – There’s a phrase in the PR world that goes “no PR is bad PR.”  While that may not always be true, the reality is, having one’s brand showcased on a large scale can only serve to draw attention to said brand and what it offers.  That has most certainly been the case for Carlisle Events in 2016 and more so, has been a growing trend over the last few years of event production.  Throughout the year to date (and still to come), Carlisle Events and its myriad of automotive events will be showcased on a variety of programs via Discovery’s Velocity Channel.  Why?  Well, the answer is simple; the camera loves Carlisle because of the cars, the people and because of the excitement!

2016 has been THE year for TV.  It all started in February as Ted Vernon and his Velocity show South Beach Classics showcased the Carlisle Events’ presence in Lakeland, Florida with its Winter AutoFest event.  Just over two months later in April, Spring Carlisle welcomed host and builder Bryan Fuller as his build team squared off against a Carlisle Events build team to shoot a swap meet based pilot called Swap Meet Showdown that will premier on September 5 at 10 p.m.  Vernon returns to work with Carlisle Events in late September as part of Fall Carlisle and returning to the Velocity airwaves on September 20 is a special focused solely on the Ford GT.  Aptly titled “Ford GT, An American Icon,” this program rated high enough for Velocity to re-air it some two months after its original July debut.

This isn’t the only recent big time exposure for Carlisle Events either.  In recent years, other programs such as Corvette Nation on Velocity have come to Carlisle.  There was no bigger exposure moment for Carlisle Events than the summer of 2015 when Carlisle Events and Carlisle Auctions appeared on Fox News and its popular Fox and Friends program. 

In addition to these large scale moments of showcase, Carlisle Events has seen coverage through former Philadelphia Phillies manager Charlie Manuel and his manager’s show and Motor Week, which came to spotlight Spring Carlisle. The south pacific region has seen Carlisle Events as well thanks to an Australian based program called Classic Restos. 

With events at Carlisle and Lakeland evolving and growing, it’s no wonder the top production teams from around the world have zeroed in on what Carlisle Events has to offer.  Anyone who has not seen an event at Carlisle in person can see on TV what they are missing and hopefully in turn, will decide to make Carlisle or Lakeland a must-visit destination for all things automotive.  Complete details on the 11 Carlisle Events’ backed weekends as well as the four Carlisle Auction’s dates can be found on the web at or