CARLISLE, PA (February 21, 2013) - Cumberland Valley Pennsylvania is home to Pine Grove Furnace State Park, the 2011 PA State Park of the Year. Nestled in Michaux State Forest, Pine Grove Furnace State Park's 696 acres offer wildlife and nature enthusiasts a variety of activities including the self-guided historical trail, which investigates the old structures of the Pine Grove Iron Furnace and hikes to the quartzite outcrop at the Pole Steeple Overlook. Pine Grove also includes a hike to the notable midway point of the Appalachian Trail, the Appalachian Trail Museum, the historic Ironmaster's Mansion, lakeside beaches, camping and more!

2013 marks 100 years since the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania took ownership of the former iron industry lands that later became the Pine Grove Furnace State Park and most of the northern half of the Michaux State Forest. Please join us in marking this anniversary at one of the following special events.

Celebrating Maurice K Goddard
Friday, May 17th & Saturday, May 18th
The story of Pennsylvania State Parks is incomplete without Maurice K Goddard. An influential leader of State Parks, Goddard saw his vision of a "state park within 25 miles of every Pennsylvanian" become reality. Friday evening will feature a showing of The Life of MK Goddard, a documentary about this no-nonsense leader and conservationist. Saturday, the Pennsylvania Parks and Forests Foundation will host a presentation on the life of Goddard. Saturday evening, the Central Pennsylvania Conservancy will host a special event at the Ironmaster's Mansion, featuring more opportunities to learn about Goddard as well as explore the mansion.

Appalachian Trail Museum Festival
Saturday, June 8th
The Appalachian Trail has been in existence almost as long as Pine Grove Furnace State Park and the trail is a significant part of the culture of the park. The A.T. Museum, the only hiking museum in the country, located within the park will host its annual festival, celebrating A.T. hiker culture with special guest speakers and activities for all ages.

CCC in PennsylvaniaSaturday, July 13th
The Civilian Conservation Corps played an important role in building facilities and making improvements to the park and the area. Special guest and CCC expert, John Eastlake, will outline the influential history of the Civilian Conservation Corps on our state parks. He will also describe what life was like as a "CCC boy."

"Unknown Stories of Pine Grove Furnace"
Saturday, August 10th
This event will feature little-known and personal stories relating to Pine Grove Furnace. Local resident Andre Weltman will give mini-presentations on such topics as forgotten uses of the park in the 1920s; Laurel Lake dam failures; and occupational injury or death during the 18th-19th century iron industry (is the famous Hairy Hand of Fuller Lake based on a real event? Mostly "no," but...). Also, members of the public especially including local cabin owners are invited to share their own stories of Pine Grove, including family history and memorabilia during this "open mike" local history event.

Pine Grove Furnace Super Hike
Saturday, September 14th
Pine Grove Furnace State Park has been a free place for people of all ages to enjoy the outdoors for 100 years. Celebrate by hiking all the trails in the park in one day. The event will be held in two sessions with each session hiking half of the trails in the park. Hikers can participate in only one session or, to hike all the miles in the park, hikers can participate in both.

Fall Furnace Fest
Saturday, October 26th & Sunday October 27th
The 5th annual Fall Furnace Fest will feature craft and food vendors, historic demonstrations, nature crafts, pumpkin carving, old-fashioned apple cider making, broom-making demonstrations, hayrides and live music. Saturday evening will feature the popular tradition at Fuller Lake, the Legend of the Hairy Hand. In recognition of the 100th Anniversary celebration, the Fest for 2013 will be themed on the history and future of the area as it has been transformed from industry to recreation.