CARLISLE, PA (April 5, 2012) - Cumberland Valley PA is the featured destination in the April issue of US Airways Magazine. The feature is titled Hidden Splendor, Discover Pennsylvania's Cumberland Valley. The articles highlight the Carlisle Events' car shows, the Valley's outdoor assets, educational opportunities, unique arts and artisans, history, economic development and quality of life in a 15-page spread.

The Cumberland Valley Visitors Bureau, Carlisle Events, U.S. Army Heritage and Education Center and Cumberland County Economic Development hosted the editorial staff of US Airways Magazine at an introductory meeting in January 2012. At this meeting, the four organizations described what makes the Cumberland Valley a unique destination.

After the meeting, US Airways' editors and writers remained in contact with the organizations and interviewed other business owners and residents to develop the stories. The CVVB shared the editor's contact information with all partners and allowed anyone to submit editorial ideas. US Airways also offered significantly discounted advertising rates to Cumberland Valley businesses and organizations. The CVVB also offered co-op advertising opportunities to tourism partners, further reducing the cost of this international exposure. There was no correlation between purchased advertising and editorial content.

"The CVVB is very pleased with the final outcome and we are excited that Cumberland Valley has the opportunity to be showcased to US Airways' large traveling audience, " said Kristen Oakley, CVVB PR Coordinator.

The April issue of US Airways Magazine will be on all US Airways flights for the month and the article will also live on their website here. This is a great opportunity for the Cumberland Valley region to be promoted as a destination to a broad audience that is traveling near this market. US Airways is the dominant carrier in the eastern United States, with 32 million flights and more than 52 million passengers worldwide. The readership for the April issue alone is expected to reach a readership of 3.1 million.