Cumberland Valley is here for you when you are ready to travel again. As we enter the Green Phase of re-opening on June 12, here are some updates that can help you plan your Weekend Easy getaway.

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Aaron Jumper

Best Place to Swim in the Valley: Boiling Springs Pool

Summers in the Cumberland Valley can get hot and humid. Some days, temperatures reach the high 90s with 90%+ humidity. Luckily, the Valley has a number of water spots to cool down in. Whether it’s the lakeside beaches at state parks, or vast local pools, residents and visitors can beat the heat in the water of the Valley. While there may be many options, only one could be voted “Best Place to Swim in the Valley.” And the winner is……

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Local Food Finds: Jaymee Lee's Diner

When I think about diners that are romanticized in TV shows and movies, I think about those hometown restaurants, where the servers know the names of the regulars. They know what they want on their burger, or how they like their coffee, or if they’ll go for dessert. The customers chat with other patrons about road construction, mutual friends, and daily specials. This is the kind of friendly environment you’ll find at Jaymee Lee’s Diner in Newville…

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Best Ice Cream In The Valley: Leo's Handmade

Summer might be the best time to enjoy scoops and scoops of ice cream, but it’s really a year-round favorite. Whether it’s soft serve, Italian Gelato, custard, traditional ice cream, or even frozen yogurt, everybody has their favorite place for a frozen treat. In June, we surveyed our…

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Best Fishing In The Valley: Yellow Breeches

Home of renowned fly-fishermen like Ed Shenk, and known for famous fly-fishing streams including the Yellow Breeches Creek, LeTort Spring Run or Big Spring Creek, the Cumberland Valley can be considered a fly-fishing paradise. With many great options to choose from, it is kind of hard…

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All Day, All Age Fun at the Carlisle Sports Emporium

The Carlisle Sports Emporium has long been a must-visit favorite in the Cumberland Valley. And why not? There’s really something for everyone! Go-karts, batting cages, roller skating, laser-tag, rock-climbing, mini-golf, and a large indoor arcade are just some of the fun activities at the Sports Emporium. With recent renovations and additions, the Carlisle Sports Emporium can be an all-day adventure…

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