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Spring Hiking at Mount Holly Marsh Preserve

My husband and I have been talking about getting out and going hiking this spring and summer. We finally gave it a try this Sunday at the Mount Holly Marsh Preserve in Mt. Holly Springs. This was a great place to start out. They have an easy-to-find parking lot off of Baltimore…

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Fun Classes at Ashcombe Farm & Greenhouses

This past Saturday, my husband and I signed up for the Rain Barrel workshop at Ashcombe Farm & Greenhouses. It was $50 and seemed like a great deal, since rail barrels at Lowe's cost around $100. Ashcombe is a large facility with home decor, baked goods, flowers, gardening supplies and…

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Create Your Own Gourd at Meadowbrooke Gourds

Earlier this week I shared my Meadowbrooke Gourds tour experience, where I learned how this unique company grows and crafts gourds into fun, seasonal home decor items. What I didn't share, was that I also had the opportunity to take one of their gourd crafting classes to make my own…

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Gourd Crafting at Meadowbrooke Gourds

Nothing says fall quite like decorative gourds and Jack O' Lanterns. Luckily for me, Cumberland Valley is home of the largest gourd crafting facility in the United States - Meadowbrooke Gourds. If you're not familiar with Meadowbrooke Gourds, you can take a free public tour to learn…

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Fun Weekend in Carlisle

My mom and aunt needed to get away for the weekend and wanted to meet somewhere fun that wasn't too far of a drive for either of them. My mom is from North Eastern PA and my aunt is from the Valley Forge area, so I suggested they meet and stay in Carlisle. They were looking for a hotel…

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Hiking at Opossum Lake

Last night I decided to skip the gym and take my workout outside since it was such a beautiful day. Opossum Lake proved to be a fantastic alternative! I expected the 4-mile trail to leisurely wind me along the recently refilled 59-acre Opossum Lake, but what I got was easy to moderate…

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Best Hiking in the Valley

The recently arrived warm weather means that it is the perfect time for hiking in the Valley. My family and I love to go hiking at Kings Gap. After a leisurely drive to the top of the mountain, we park and head to the back porch of the Mansion. It always provides incredible views of the…

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I Brake for (Festivals) in Cumberland Valley

It's summertime in Cumberland Valley and you know what that means right? Festivals, fairs and all other wonderful outdoor activities are in full swing! I know that festivals aren't for anyone - the food is greasy, the crowds are large, and the sun is hot. I just happen to be one of…

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