I need a wine glass like
the one on the right!
March is a tough month for me - rainy, cold and just enough warm, sunny days to make spring feel like it will never actually arrive.

One thing I do look forward to in March is Tour De Tanks.  This event takes place every weekend of the month, and allows ticket-holding participants to visit 26 wineries for VIP treatment including tastings, tours, food and sampling of wines that are still in the tanks.  This event definitely makes March look a lot better!

One of the cool things about visiting different wineries is to see the differences between each one - everything from the people, the culture, and of course the wine, is different.  Many of the wineries served food that had been prepared with wine, so the snacks I had packed went untouched.  The 10% discount I received on all of my wine purchases ensures that I will be doing some cooking with wine in the future as well!

One of the main focuses of Tour De Tanks is to sample wines that are still in the tanks to see how differently they taste when compared to the wines that are bottled.  One of the stops even included fresh pressed apple juice that would eventually turn into hard cider.  I found the unfinished wines to be, well, honestly, gross, but it was fun to compare them to the finished products (which definitely were not gross!). 

For the most part, the wineries are located in small clusters.  Living in Cumberland Valley has made it really easy for me to travel to all of the wineries - two weekends ago I went to Dauphin County, last weekend I went to Adams County and next weekend I plan to go to Perry County.  I'm so thankful to have so many wineries in such a close proximity!

Is anyone else doing the Tour De Tanks tour or have a favorite winery in Central PA?  Are there any other events you look forward to in March?