Recently I found myself with a day off, no one to hang out with, and nothing to do.  Instead of staying home and watching Netflix all day, I opted to take advantage of Cumberland Valley's central location and plan a day trip to Gettysburg. We all know that Gettysburg played a major role in the Civil War and that many people visit each year for the historical aspect.  I however, was looking for a different kind of experience.  Armed with a Gettysburg Visitor Guide (that I picked up at our Visitor Center) and my GPS, I created my own "girly" itinerary.

I started the day off at the outlets, then headed downtown to visit a chocolate shop and two winery stores.  I had lunch at a cute little pub in the square, and ended my day by picking up some crafting supplies at a scrapbook store.  I even ran into Abe Lincoln!

At first I was really bummed to go alone, but by the end of the day I was actually really enjoying some "me" time.  If I would have had a friend along I probably would have missed out on some of the details of the day like the intricate gingerbread on the buildings downtown or the fiasco that is the roundabout in the square.

Now to start planning my next day trip!