This past Saturday, my family and I ventured to Hershey, PA to visit the Antique Automobile Club of America Museum. The AACA is a national association that many car lovers belong to, and their efforts to keep antique cars alive has resulted in the AACA museum. Located just down the road from the Hershey Factory attractions, the museum welcomes visitors with an old charter bus, a Ford from the 1950s, and the Hershey Kiss mobile.

Inside, the museum fills three floors with antique automobiles, buses, head ornaments, and memorabilia from the past eighty years of automobile history. The main floor has most of the actual car collection which mainly focuses on American automobiles. I believe my dad and I were only able to find two foreign cars including a citroën from France. The bottom floor had a very interesting collection of 1950s memorabilia as well as a collection of old charter buses. It was a real blast from the past to look inside of the buses and imagine people in the 1950s riding along, waiting for their stop. 

After the museum, my family and I decided to stop for lunch. We found a small diner in Middleton, PA which is just over the border from Hershey. The name of the restaurant was the Brownstone Cafe and it is actually housed inside of an old bank. Most of the architecture has been preserved including one of the teller's windows, which can be seen when standing behind the hostess' desk. The food and the service were excellent. We were sat next to a bunch of photos from the banks hay day, and it was a lot of fun to look at the photos of the bank and compare them to the modern day diner. I had a BLT on wheat which was actually perfect. Of course, I realize it sounds strange. How can you mess up a BLT? Well you can, and they definitely did not. One thing to mention is that the menu is huge. Four pages of everything imaginable. My dad had a quesadilla, which he said was great, and my mum had "Turkey Bagel". She was full after eating only half because the portion sizes were huge!
Overall, I thought it was a great day and proved that Cumberland Valley is full of fun and interesting activities as well as fantastic food!