So I have been working on a project that involves a little driving. Namely, I am working on a Scenic Driving Trip through Cumberland Valley. I was discussing this project with Ashley the other day at the office, and she suggested that I take a drive down Rt. 94 which begins just past Mt. Holly Springs and
actually continues for quite some time until you get to the state line of Pennsylvania/Maryland.
(You can actually read Ashley's blog post about Rt. 94 and her experience just below this post) Now I didn't follow it quite that far, and the territory does not "technically" fall in the Cumberland Valley, but it's still extremely close, and it does connect to Rt 34 which is equally as fun and scenic to drive along. Just to give you a taste of this rode, and so you can see just what Ashley describes in her post, I wanted to upload a couple of pics! Enjoy!

Note: This is why I love owning a convertible...