Spring is here in the Cumberland Valley and despite the mid-April snow, we are well on our way to higher temperatures. Not only does spring bring more sunlight, but it brings America’s favorite pastime…baseball! My wife and I enjoy watching and attending as many games as possible, but because we root for different teams, picking a game to watch isn’t always the easiest. My wife is a Phillies fan and my allegiance lies with evil empire, the New York Yankees. Given their relative distance to one another, their games are usually on at the same time. This gives my wife and I a few choices…watch the games in separate rooms, pick one game to watch together (while the left-out one roots for the opposing team), or find a place that will be airing both games. It’s a great compromise and even better reason to visit one of our favorite places to eat.

I’ve been a fan of Arooga’s for a long time and its got everything I could want from a sports-themed restaurant. Arooga’s offers wall-to-wall flat screen televisions with sports running virtually as far as the eye can see. Whether it’s football, mixed-marital arts, basketball, soccer, hockey, or the great game of baseball, Arooga’s has it available.
After we’re seated, it’s time to scout out our games and order our food, neither of which is hard to do for us. We’ll usually start out with an appetizer and since we’re here to watch baseball, it’s only appropriate to order the ‘Baseball Bats’ (whether it’s baseball season or the offseason, we still get ‘em). The bats are soft pretzel sticks with a dipping side. After the warm up, it’s game time.
I like buffalo wings. I mean I really like wings. Okay, I love buffalo wings, and I can’t think of better place to get my wing fix. Many places offer a mild or hot, but few allow you to completely customize your style and sauce. Between the vast array of flavors and the awesome wings, Arooga’s knocks it out the park. The menu goes beyond just wings and appetizers. For healthy eaters (like my wife), the menu offers wraps and salads.


Arooga’s always scores a home run for sports fans like us by combining two of our favorite things…sports and food. The service is timely and the food is terrific. The wings are always the right flavor and sauced perfectly. It’s a great place for a large get-together, or even a date night.