My husband and I almost never get a chance to eat out just the two of us... but when my in laws packed Cole off to Lancaster for a little camping and a trip to Dutch Wonderland... and I got an email from Arooga's that they were bringing back AYCE Wings on Monday Nights... I knew it was fate!

Wings are something Chris and I have always shared a love for but don't take advantage of very often any more.  Every where we've lived and almost every where we've visited, we've tried out local wing joints.  It used to be wing specials were ten cents a wing or $3 dozens... but now they seem to be really pricey.  And, it's hard to explain to a 2 year old that there are actually some foods that you don't have to use your fork for and it's ok to get messy with and then expect him to have great table manners the rest of the time! LOL

Arooga's AYCE wings is only $10.99 and included fries (or a side).  Between the two of us we tried five of their 34 different kinds of wing sauce: Almost Everything (this actually did have too many flavors for me... it was kind of overwhelming!), Red Thai (spicier than I thought it would be, but delicious), Hickory Smoked Honey BBQ (my all time favorite), Hot Ranch (mostly this was for Chris as it was pretty hot), Carolina Sweet & Tangy (Chris liked this so much I didn't even get to try it before they were gone) and BBQ Ranch (almost as good as the HSH BBQ).

There are now nine Arooga's Locations in South Central PA (including two Wing Shacks, one in Giant Stadium and one in Metro Bank Park) and two of them are in Cumberland Valley.  There is no excuse for you to miss out on this awesome wing opportunity!