Home of renowned fly-fishermen like Ed Shenk, and known for famous fly-fishing streams including the Yellow Breeches Creek, LeTort Spring Run or Big Spring Creek, the Cumberland Valley can be considered a fly-fishing paradise. With many great options to choose from, it is kind of hard to choose just one favorite fishing spot. Everyone has their preferences, like the type of fish available, the water, accessibility, and popularity among other variables. But, we asked for the best place to fish and the winner is...Yellow Breeches.

The world-renowned limestone stream, Yellow Breeches Creek, originates on South Mountain, in Michaux State Forest. From there, the Yellow Breeches meanders through Cumberland Valley's farmland, forested areas and suburbs, and joins the Susquehanna River near New Cumberland. In some areas, the creek can be 49-miles long & 60-feet wide.

The Yellow Breeches Creek is famous for stocked brown trout. Many anglers prefer to fish at Allenberry Resort, where there is ample parking on the opposite side of the creek, easily accessible waters and the beautiful backdrop of the Allenberry grounds. Fisherman in Boiling Springs will also find the creek is conveniently close to TCO Outdoors, which offers fishing and hiking essentials.

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