The Cumberland Valley is known for its hundreds of miles of trails, from three state parks to the famed Appalachian Trail. Hikers find scenic landscapes from rail trails to rocky heights. Whether it’s the view, accessibility, the trail, or the destination, everyone has their favorite place to hike. In August, we posed the question of “where is your favorite place to hike in the Cumberland Valley?” And the winner is…

Flat Rock Trail

Flat Rock is a 4+ mile trail (both ways) that can be found in Tuscarora State Forest, with the trail head located at Colonel Denning State Park. This is a moderate-to-rugged hike, climbing in elevation over 900 feet with rocks and loose gravel. At the top of the mountain, Flat Rock Trail joins the Tuscarora Trail to the overlook. Flat Rock Trail overlook is a natural rock outcrop that affords a 180-degree spectacular view of Cumberland Valley. In the fall, enjoy the foliage and hawk migration from the Flat Rock lookout. 

Colonel Denning

View the map of Colonel Denning State Park here.