Summers in the Cumberland Valley can get hot and humid. Some days, temperatures reach the high 90s with 90%+ humidity. Luckily, the Valley has a number of water spots to cool down in. Whether it’s the lakeside beaches at state parks, or vast local pools, residents and visitors can beat the heat in the water of the Valley. While there may be many options, only one could be voted “Best Place to Swim in the Valley.” And the winner is…

The Boiling Springs Pool.

Located in scenic Boiling Springs, Pennsylvania, the Boiling Springs Pool has four different pools varying in size. There are also three waterslides at Boiling Springs Pool that wind and turn into the waters. The pool is great for visitors, because it is open to all guests, regardless of where they reside.

We asked our Facebook followers (if you don’t follow us on Facebook, why not? Click here to find our page) to break the tie between the Boiling Springs Pool and the runner up, Laurel Lake at Pine Grove Furnace State Park. While the Boiling Springs Pool received a resounding amount of votes, posts included anecdotes of memories from the pool. Many remember visiting the pool as they were growing up and spending time with friends and family. The Boiling Springs Pool has been a family operated pool since 1927 and helped create many summertime memories in the last 90 years.  

If you’re interested in exploring the day or weekend in Boiling Springs, try your luck fly-fishing on the Yellow Breeches with the help of nearby TCO Outdoors, hike to the midway point of the Appalachian Trail, check out the newly renovated Allenberry Resort, and enjoy the tastes at Caffe 101 or the Boiling Springs Tavern.