Downtown Carlisle welcomes a new restaurant. Brick Kitchen & Bar has only been open a week or so and customers are already raving about the menu and ambiance...including myself! There are a lot of reasons to be excited about this new addition in town.

First of all, the menu is seasonal and features great lunch options including affordable seafood choices like an $11 Lobster Roll and $9 Fish Tacos. I went twice during their opening week and got the fish tacos both times because they are that good. They come with "yum yum" sauce that definitely lives up to the name. People I dined with also tried, and enjoyed, the Salmon Club and the Fried Chicken and Shrimp. Someone also tried the Tomato Bisque and said it was the best tomato soup they had ever had.

The side dish that comes with most of the sandwiches is a tasty pasta salad, which is a nice alternative to fries or chips. I definitely want to go for dinner sometime and try either the Hawaiian Chicken Kabobs or the Beef Short Ribs. The atmosphere is comfortable and features modern decor and fun chalkboards with drink and food specials listed.

Brick also brings another fun bar hangout and lots of outdoor seating to the downtown. Since the warm weather has already arrived, I think the patio will become very popular this summer. Finally, the icing on the cake is the free parking behind the restaurant.

I recommend anyone take the time to try out this new spot in Carlisle. I believe it will quickly become a favorite of yours.