I think my Mother In Law started it... but my son has this fascination with burritos. He loves being wrapped up in a blanket like a burrito and then shouting out toppings that he wants you to cover him in... and then... you get to gobble him up! Sometimes he gets carried away and in addition to salsa and sour cream, he want's to be covered in sprinkles or frosting!

And that made me realize that he had probably never had a burrito before. So the last time he and I were home all day together (MLK Jr day) we had a lazy morning that included a lot of Cole "burritos" and I decided to share with him... the real thing! We packed up in the car and drove out to Mechanicsburg and our very own NEATO BURRITO!!
Neato Burrito is the kind of place that really only serves one thing... but it's ok because they do it in the COOLEST way. You go in (and get in line, that place is crazy during lunch) and walk up to a counter to order... Start by picking what kind of tortilla you want, then what kind of meat (usually, chicken, pork or beef), what kind of beans, and all the other toppings, both traditional and unusual. It's sort of like a Subway but with burritos!!
And they're HUGE. Cole and I split one and it was more than enough for the two of us. I'm sad that I don't have a picture of the burrito for this post... but it was so yummy, we ate it right up!