Watch the video here: 2010 Carlisle Event's Truck Show

My husband, brother and I went to Carlisle Events' 2010 Truck Nationals on Saturday. We had so much fun!!! I had been looking forward for a couple of months to crushing some cars in a Monster Truck ride.

Carlisle Events is one of the only places in the U.S. that allows a Monster Truck ride (for adults and kids) to ride over junk cars and crush them. It was awesome (kids would love this)! After getting autographs from the Monster Truck drivers and pictures in front of Megasaurus, a fire-breathing, car-eating transformer we watched the Vietnam Gun Truck Parade (along with 2,200 screaming fans), featuring 14 Vietnam Gun Trucks and the soldiers that drove them. I got goosebumps...patriotism was in the air. Next up - the Monster Truck show and Megasaurus. Okay, the Monster Truck show was so cool. At one point the Monster Truck was vertical in the air...I couldn't believe it. We had great seats since we had the Monster VIP passes. Megasaurus bit a car completely in half and chewed it up. There is so much to adventure to find at the Truck Show! Don't miss the 2011 Truck Show at Carlisle Events!

Tip: Make sure you get the Monster VIP Pack. It included our Monster Truck Ride & access to the front of the line (it was awesome to not wait in the long line), Special Meet & Greet with the drivers, lunch pass, VIP seating in the grandstands (the grandstands was packed during the shows - so this feature was great!)