So I am one of those people that goes to all of the craft shows in Carlisle every year... and for the most part I go by myself or with my parents because my husband cannot stand that sort of thing. This year, my parents were out of town and I was geared up to grab my son and go just the two of us when my MIL asked me if I was entering Cole into the Baby Race. At first I was not sure if that was a fantastic idea or just ridiculous... then I mentioned it to my husband. He was so excited! Cole's first competitive event!
He agreed to go early, get lunch, get Cole used to the crowds and wander around the vendor booths! The food vendors this year were kind of scarce but we got some sausage and peppers and a spot in the shade while we waited for the races to start. There were five heats of four babies each. Cole was in the last heat so we had time to watch other parents/grandparents encourage their babies to crawl the ten foot distance from start to finish. Needless to say it was hilarious! From babies who sat there and cried, who laid down and closed their eyes, who stared into space, who crawled halfway and then turned around to crawl back to the beginning! I was prepared for any of those options when it came to our turn. And then it was time. Chris brought Cole to the starting line and I went to the finish. Someone shouted go and I started calling for him. After a few seconds of just staring at me with a smile he started my way!! There were a few stops and starts as he looked over at the mom next to me who was calling for her baby... and then I heard from the other side of the course... the winner crossed the finish line! Just a few seconds later Cole crossed the line himself and we were so excited! He finished in second in his heat!! I was just so proud that he actually finished the race and handled himself so well--he's only ten months old after all!! He got his ribbon and prize and we watch the finals and congratulated the winner... who it turns out had come to town for a holiday from Virginia. What a great trip for them! Were any of you there watching? Cole was the beautiful blonde with the great effort! Today we're going to Anything Floats at Children's Lake... Maybe I'll see you there!