A colleague asked if I had tried out the new Thai restaurant in Mechanicsburg. If she was referring to anything other than Bangkok Wok then the answer was no. I couldn't understand why anyone would want to eat Thai anywhere else. My husband and I are faithful patrons of Bangkok and venturing elsewhere seemed kind of wrong (especially somewhere less than a mile away), but...we decided to give it a try. Here are some of the differences and similarities:

  • Dining: casual or fine (jeans, shorts, suit, dress)
  • Atmosphere: This is where there is a clear difference between the two establishments. The sophisticated bistro-like atmosphere of Chalit's is simple, modern and elegant. They have a long bar-like table that would be perfect for a girl's night-out. Dining at Bangkok Wok is like stepping into an enchanting oriental garden with hanging rice umbrella lights, fresh exotic flowers and plants, candles at every table and bamboo detailing. Perfect for a romantic date!
  • Cuisine: Our dining experience at Chalit's began with chicken skewers that came with the most delicious peanut sauce ever (I challenge you to find peanut sauce that is better)! The stir-fry (he had chicken and broccoli and I had steamed tofu and veggies) was bursting with flavors and was served with homemade brown rice (not sure what makes it homemade but the texture was incredible). Bangkok Wok always has fresh fish (someone told me that the owners go down to Baltimore every week for their seafood). My absolute favorite is their Pad Thai, it's sweet not spicy, and has tender flat rice noodles drenched in a heavenly light peanut sauce. Bangkok Wok has the best Pad Thai. You have to try it and let me know what you think.
  • Alcohol: both are BYOB
  • Price: Chalit's was a little more expensive and had smaller portions.
  • Location: within a mile of each other
  • Reservations: definitely Friday or Saturday nights.

Final conclusion: They are both excellent places to go for Thai. It just depends on the kind of atmosphere you are looking for.