I attended the Adult Chocolatier Class at Brittle Bark on Friday, March 4. Diane gave us an introduction on how the business began, the types of chocolate and which are better for dipping. Where to best purchase chocolate – Weaver Nuts, Ephrata; Zimmerman’s, Penbrook to mention a few and where to purchase the tools for use.

What a challenging experience – we each dipped six Oreo cookies in either milk or dark chocolate. That was a little challenging as the chocolate was moving around and you could lose your cookie! The real challenge came in cutting out very little butterflies (edible-rice paper) and placing on the cookie with icing to stick and decorating using pastry bags to add designs on your cookies. Some of the people were quite creative. We also had the use of small molds to fill with the colored icing and then put in the refrigerator to chill so that they could be popped out and then placed on our cookies with icing to hold in place. This was great fun especially with the help of Diane and Vonny. They were extremely patient and very helpful to us all. As a reward, we got to take our six Oreo’s home to enjoy. This was a lot of fun and we learned how to dip and decorate other items instead of just pretzels.