I finally found myself in Carlisle early enough to enjoy breakfast at Fay's Country Kitchen. I have heard about the yummy food, especially the pancakes, for some time now. I expected a small crammed restaurant with similarities to a diner. The dining room was actually quite large and the whole place is decked out in Coca-Cola memorabilia. Now to the food....my favorite thing to eat in the
morning is a breakfast sandwich. I got bacon, egg and cheese on a really soft bagel.
I had heard that their pancakes were fantastic and I was worried I wouldn't be able to eat both dishes until I saw that you could order just one pancake if you wanted. I was even more surprised when I saw the flavor options. I got a Hawaiian pancake, which had bits of coconut and pineapple in it....so good! My friend also got a sandwich and a chocolate peanut butter chip pancake. I would definitely recommend this place and I finally know why everyone in Carlisle loves it so much.