This weekend I had the opportunity to visit the new Hauser Estate Winery store in Dillsburg as well as travel up to Liverpool to Hunter’sValley Winery.  I’m not much of a wine drinker in general, but I love to do wine tastings and learn about different vintages and flavor profiles.  I also love all the wine accessories available in winery gift shops! 
I have a friend who is a huge wine fan and is getting married in July so I was definitely on the lookout for some fun trinkets or wine accessories.  At the Hauser Estate outlet there is also the added benefit of a really nice used furniture shop in the same building if you want to do more browsing…. 

I bought wine from both Wineries and a gift at Hunter’s Valley… I can’t tell you what it was because it is for someone who reads this blog, but it is going to be PERFECT!  I may add one of the bottles I bought to her gift box… or I may just drink it myself before July 14th! Hee hee hee!

One really interesting tidbit I learned at Hauser that I did not know before…. The Patriarch of the Hauser family, John (Jack) Hauser, took over as President of Musselman’s in 1944 when Mr.  Mussleman passed away.  The next generation of Hauser’s added grapes to the family’s impressive expertise with apples and the Winery was opened shortly after!  Jack’s Hard Cider, one of the Winery’s most popular offerings, is named after the family Patriarch.