I went to Cafe Magnolia for dinner for the first time last night - I couldn't have picked a better option!

I've been there for lunch before and knew they had a great soup/salad/sandwich menu. What I didn't realize was that they had an awesome dinner menu! I started out with a Strawberry Salad. It was topped with Feta, almond slivers and a not too sweet dressing - absolutely scrumptious!

Next I ordered the Mediterranean Chicken - wow! Chicken topped with Bruschetta and Feta, lemon herb risotto and asparagus wrapped in prosciutto ham all served on a pretty plate.

As I was eating I overheard someone ordering dessert and decided that I needed some too. We ordered the Chocolate Molten Cake, one of my favorite desserts, and it completely blew every other Molten Cake I ever had out of the water. Hands down the best. You NEED to try it!

Our check was $50, which I thought was very reasonable considering we both had a beverage, entree with salad and split a dessert. We each came home with a full box of leftovers - definitely enough for a second meal.