As a lover of Eastern food, the moment I heard of the noodle restaurant Issei Noodle, I knew what my first dinner destination in Carlisle was going to be.  Needless to say, I wasn’t disappointed. The ambience of the restaurant, which consists of open seating of either 2-4 seats, with a larger table in the back, makes you feel like you are in downtown Hanoi.
Your food is cooked less than 10 feet away from you, the smell of ramen, pho, and other Asian-infused style noodles filling the restaurant, and your senses, making the wait almost unbearable. It is worth it though. Every item on the menu, from the spring rolls to the pad thai, is almost impossible to put down – finishing your meal is an exercise in disappointment. In my experience, the most mouth-watering choice on the menu is the pad thai, which can be made with chicken or tofu. For those spicy food lovers, like myself, adding sriracha, which – along with forks and the menus – sits at every table, makes the meal unforgettable and will leave you wanting more.

Ever since my first meal at Issei, I’ve gone back weekly. A close friend of mine and I have our weekly Issei dates, and looking forward to the week go by easily. Issei, which resides only two blocks from campus, is more than worth the walk and I would suggest any family visiting Carlisle, Dickinson, or even the Cumberland Valley experience the authentic Asian-influenced restaurant. 

-James Dappert
James is a junior at Dickinson College, studying Political Science and Classical Studies. New York-born and raised, he moved to Maryland prior to his entrance to Middle School. When choosing his school, he sought a small, tight-knit school that has a thriving and vibrant college town – and looked no farther than Carlisle, PA. He’s felt at home ever since. As a Political Science major and enthusiast, he has worked on numerous campaigns, statewide and local, with such positions as Campaign Manager and Director of Field Operations. At Dickinson, James is Director of Operations for the Student Senate and a tour guide, working to provide his fellow students with an enriching and enjoyable college experience, and to convince prospective students that this is where they want to come. In his free time, he can be found relaxing in the sun on Morgan Field.