Massey’s Frozen Custard, has become synonymous with Saturday afternoon football games during the fall and refreshing treats during the summers. Serving hand dipped custard, soft serve and numerous other choices, it is no wonder that three years ago Massey’s decided to remain open year round!
The ‘arctic mount,’ your choice of custard or soft serve, swirled with endless toppings, is a specialty, my favorite being vanilla custard mixed with KitKat. Thicker than a milkshake and smoother than just a scoop of custard, the ‘arctic mount’ is perfectly balanced! For a lighter snack, try a chocolate dipped frozen banana, fruit slushy or a mini chocolate chip cookie ice cream sandwich.
Massey’s is the quintessential old-fashioned ice cream shop, so much so that alumni celebrating their 50 year reunion a few weeks ago, jumped on my golf cart, presumably for a campus tour, only to request a stop at Massey’s for old time’s sake! They even remarked that the shop front had not changed, a small comfort that some things are better left as they are! Located on High Street, Massey’s represents the simple pleasures of a quaint town that balances old and new, regardless of the season! 
-Savanna Riley
Savanna is a junior at Dickinson College, studying Political Science and Security Studies. Australian-born and California raised, Savanna sought out the quintessential college town and found it in Carlisle, PA. She is the programs coordinator Intern at the Stuart House Salvation Army downtown and works as a writing associate for students on campus as well as international fellows at the Army War College. She serves as an all-college senator, working to create, fund and support events for students in Carlisle and the surrounding area. In her free time, she can be found reading on Rush campus, wandering around downtown Carlisle or shopping at Farmers' on the Square!