With the insane amount of restaurants within walking distance of campus, my first year at Dickinson was filled with searching for new restaurants, skipping the Caf, and avoiding my bank account. I confidently thought that I had tasted the best foods Carlisle had to offer until this summer when I encountered a hidden gem within the side streets of town: the North Hanover Grille. Located only half a mile off campus, this place has it all: the small town restaurant feel for couples looking for a new date spot but also T.V.s and a bar for friends hanging out.
For you broke college students looking for a good meal but not trying to increase your college debt, the North Hanover Grille will be your new favorite restaurant. The menu has a range of food options from salads to seafood, sandwiches to wings all priced for a young adult’s budget. Yet if you still think $5.95 for a hamburger is a little much, the NHG has weekly deals that are extremely affordable. My personal favorite is every Tuesday, you can get wings for 45 cents each smothered in one of their twenty flavor options (yes that is under 6 dollars for 12 wings). They also have trivia nights every Wednesday for you history majors trying to prove that you too can do a lot with your degree.

I would recommend the North Hanover Grille to Dickinson students, the Carlisle community, and anyone who is looking to get a food meal for a reasonable price.

-Madi McDole
Madi is a sophomore at Dickinson College, majoring in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. Though originally born in New Jersey, she has spent the majority of her life living in West Palm Beach, Florida. In search of a change of scenery (and less humidity), Madi decided that the small yet lively town of Carlisle, Pennsylvania was the perfect fit for her college experience. The beautiful campus, friendly environment, and plethora of events have made Dickinson a second home for her. Throughout her first year on campus, Madi became involved with a few extracurricular activities such as the Pre-Health Society and working with Dickinson’s Sports Medicine department. On a typical day, she can be found studying in the Rector Science Complex.