Every year I attend a fundraiser for Project SHARE that really means a lot to me. This year was the 20th year of the Empty Bowls event and I attended with my son, husband, and parents. The event is organized and supported by the Carlisle Arts Learning Center and Dickinson College donates the food & venue.

Tickets are purchased in advance and when you get there and get in line you enter into this huge room all set for dinner but in the middle of the room is a bunch of tables lined up and covered with hand made ceramic bowls. Every bowl is different. Different sizes, different shapes, different colors. I have probably 8 of these bowls already at my house from past years that we use on a day to day basis and remember those who are hungry while we eat. A big part of the fun (at least for me and my dad) is picking out the bowl. We usually pick up whatever catches our eye, but end up exchanging it several times as we move down and see all of the choices. This year I was able to score a beautiful set (sort of) since I got to pick for my whole family while they held a table for us! Yay!
The soup and bread (the only food) eaten in your bowl (or paper bowls are provided if you don't want to get yours dirty) were fantastic - they always are - but this year the highlight was the band. It was a bluegrass type ensemble called Tuckahoe Ridge. Several young(ish) men playing a Bass, a banjo, maybe a ukulele even... and they sang! It was such a different experience than my normal (modern rock) taste and yet, I LOVED IT! And so did Cole. I've attached a little snippet of his dancing.... and although this is mild for Cole, he was really into it. This morning he even insisted on bringing his guitar to Grandma's house so he could keep playing.