January 7-14, 2023

For a tradition that’s lasted over a century, Pennsylvania celebrates its agricultural prowess during January’s Pennsylvania Farm Show. The PA Farm Show is the largest indoor agricultural expo in the United States, with nearly 6,000 animals and over 10,000 exhibits, all taking place at the Farm Show Complex in Harrisburg. The animals are fun to see, and the food is legendary.

This year's theme, “Rooted in Progress,” honors our roots and vision for the future. We were “Harvesting More” in 2022 following a virtual year in 2021 during the pandemic – and now we're celebrating accomplishments in agriculture while recognizing the agricultural drive and vision to innovate and inspire.

The Animals

Farm Show

The PA Farm Show offers an up-close look at animals and livestock through the vast Farm Show Complex. Animals include cows, rabbits, pigs, sheep, alpacas, chickens, goats, lamas, and horses. Along with visiting the animals, there are showings, competitions, and demonstrations.

TIP: Be careful where you step!

The Food

Farm Show Millkshake

The Farm Show Food Court will leave you in awe once you walk in. Representing the best in Pennsylvania’s agriculture, you’ll find stands for beef, poultry, potatoes, cheese, desserts, and more. The famed Farm Show milkshakes from the PA Dairymen’s Association are always a hit. To celebrate 70 years of serving Farm show milkshakes this year, the Dairymen's Association is debuting a brand new, delicious Orange Cream milkshake that is sure to elicit plenty of smiles.

There’s also a section with PA Preferred items, like maple products, fruits, honey, vegetables, wines, hard ciders, and so much more. In addition to food to eat and take home, there are food demonstrations and cooking classes to look out for as well.

TIP: Don’t rush your food decision. There are many delicious items, and you’ll only be jealous when you see someone with something you didn’t get. Always leave plenty of room for a milkshake.

More To See & Do

Butter Sculpture

Tractor-pulling, rodeos, and square dancing are among some of the other activities to watch and enjoy at the Farm Show. There’s also a half-ton sculpture made out of butter that you must see for yourself.

The 2023 Pennsylvania Farm Show runs from January 7 through January 14. Admission is free, and parking is $15 in all Farm Show complex lots. There is a free shuttle service from all Farm Show-managed off-site lots. Farm Show organizers suggest that the best time to arrive is between 9 am and noon. The busiest times are weekends and weekdays from 3:30 pm to 5:30 pm. Click here to view the Farm Show schedule of events.