No one would deny that we have been having beautiful weather lately. With this in mind, I decided to take advantage of the warm weather last night and go for a walk. I wanted to go on a real walk though not the one around my neighborhood with a view of the busy highway and other buildings. After looking in the Cumberland Valley Visitors Guide I saw that Lower Allen Community Park has a nature trail. Not expecting much I decided to try it out after dinner.

To my surprise it was really very nice and the loop was the perfect distance for a "leisurely stroll". The path was flat and well taken care of and the first half of the trail is right by the Yellow Breeches Creek. The picture above is just one of many people I saw fishing while walking the first half. The second half is through a wooded area and throughout there were signs about a kind of tree or plant nearby. I will definitely be returning to this park as it continues to be warm outside. On my way out I drove around the
rest of the park to see what else they have to offer and I came across baseball fields, soccer fields, a driving range, a dog park and tons of places to picnic. Has anyone else had a great experience at this park or any others in the Cumberland Valley?