Eating a gluten-free diet can be challenging, especially if you’re on the go or away for the weekend. Luckily, more establishments are catering to the needs of those who are not able to or wish not to eat food containing gluten. There are many gluten-free options in the Cumberland Valley for every meal of the day, and even specialty grocery stores.


Valley Bistro

One of the Valley’s newest and buzzworthy restaurants is Valley Bistro, which is open for breakfast and lunch and located right off I-81 in Enola. For those with gluten allergies, they offer gluten-free pancakes, toast, and cannoli. One of their more unique items is the Fruity Pebble French Toast, which layers on fruits like strawberries and bananas in addition to Fruity Pebbles cereal. Since Fruity Pebbles is one of the few gluten-free kinds of cereal, this combo can also be made gluten-free. Valley Bistro’s menu also offers a number of vegetarian options, and their lunch menu includes gluten-free bread, wraps, ciabatta rolls, and flatbreads.

Other notable breakfast options:

Lunch and Dinner

North Hanover Grille

If you’re looking for steak, salad or seafood, you’re mostly in luck with or without gluten. However, if you’re looking for a burger or sandwich, you might have to look a little harder. Here are some places with specialized gluten-free menus.

Flinchy's in Camp Hill not only has a special gluten-free menu but dedicated kitchen space to gluten-free cooking. Flinchy’s offers GF pizza, apps, soups, pasta, and even dessert.

Vrai in Lemoyne strives for organic, locally-made ingredients in their food. Vrai has a number of GF options, a GF pizza crust, and GF chick-pea pasta.

Aloha Café brings a little bit of tropical paradise to downtown Shippensburg and is also 100% gluten-free. The menu includes soups, salads, smoothie bowls, sandwiches and more.

North Hanover Grille in downtown Carlisle is known for having some of the best burgers in the Cumberland Valley, which is great because they offer GF buns. In fact, their menu says nearly any dish can be made gluten-free. Their extensive drink menu also includes ciders, most of which are gluten-free.

The Pizza Grille has three different locations in the Cumberland Valley (Lemoyne, Camp Hill, and Carlisle) and all three serve their many varieties of pizza on gluten-free crusts.

Chalit’s Thai Bistro, located in Mechanicsburg, features a number of items that can be made gluten-free upon request, like the Thai Stir Fry, Pad Thai, and Fried Rice.


Grand Illusion

Looking to indulge in some spirits or even want to experience the Cumberland Valley Beer Trail? While I’m unaware of any GF-beer produced in any of the craft breweries in the Valley, there are places to order ciders or other spirits, which gives you the chance to get your passport stamped and to win prizes. Grand Illusion Hard Cider specializes in ciders that they either produce themselves or have on tap from other producers (Grand Illusion also offers GF flatbreads if you want to eat there). Some other places to pick-up stickers and find GF drinks include: Brewhouse Grille, Appalachian Brewing Co., Mellow Mink Brewing, Cold Springs Inn & Brewing Company, Desperate Times Brewery, Hook & Flask Still Works, Molly Pitcher Brewing Co., Millworks, The Winery at Long Shot Farm, The Vegetable Hunter, Pizza Boy Brewing, Jigsys, Dead Lightning Distillery, and Ever Grain Brewing Co.

On The Go

If you’re looking to find items during your stay, grocery stores like Giant, Weis, and Wegmans usually have extensive gluten-free options. Another great resource is The Healthy Grocer in Camp Hill, which focuses on healthy and natural foods.