I know that we blog a lot about food, but it's just so easy when there are so many delicious restaurants right by our office! Earlier this week Katherine and I returned to the Green Room Bistro. I was there for the soft launch, and I was excited to go back when the full menu was available. I ordered a turkey and cheddar sandwich - and am I ever glad I did!
The turkey wasn't lunch meat - instead it was chunks of turkey breast piled high on a savory wheat ciabatta roll with aioli and melted cheddar. I don't think Katherine and I exchanged a word the entire meal - it was just that good!

We overhead our waiter giving another table the run down on desserts and decided we needed to have some too. The list was pretty expansive, but the apple crisp was an easy pick for me. I definitely recommend it!

My only word of caution is that the Green Room Bistro seems to always be packed. We had to wait ten minutes for a table to open up, and it was almost two o'clock before diners started to clear out.