For the first time in a long time my husband, Chris, had a suggestion on what we should the other weekend... he wanted to take our 2 year old, Cole, to the US Army Heritage and Education Center's Going to Winter Camp Event. History is not really my thing and we've definitely done the Army Heritage Trail SEVERAL times in his short little life... but I do actually enjoy reenactment type events and the last time we went to a USAHEC event there was a swordsmith that was really interesting and I was hoping to look over his merchandise again.

So... even though we woke up Saturday morning to a drizzly, misty rain, we packed up and headed over for the Infantry Drill at 930am. Because I am my mother's child, we arrived quite early and had a chance to walk around before the drill began. At the entrance to the event we were given a Scavenger Hunt Passport to fill out for a little prize for Cole. We headed over to the first area that had an (inside) attraction, the Civil War Cabins.
Now, I've been accused of being a little too attached to my phone (email, texting, games, etc) during "family" time in the past... but on this day, Chris was actually glad that it was in my pocket (ok, it was in my hand, but if I don't feed the dragon's, who will??) because each of the different Cabins had a QR code on them instead of the standard plaque of information. A QR Code (for those of you who don't know) is a bar code type thing that you can scan with your SmartPhone and it will take you to a specific website or information page. So while my boys explored the inside and outside of each cabin I read out loud from the web site(s) that the QR code(s) brought me to. These included both generic descriptions of what each sort of Cabin was used for as well as letters, stories and pictures from real soldiers who experienced them during the Civil War... so much more than could have fit on an old school plaque or historical marker.

We did eventually make it to the Infantry Drill (which included a lot of gunfire) and the crowd was entranced (I'm sure) by the "What's that?!" that was shouted out in a little two year old voice after every shot!

Needless to say, despite the rain and the lack of swordsmiths, we had a very educational and entertaining time at USAHEC (as per usual!).