Well, being from New England, I love the Winter. Well, I'm not sure if I love the Winter, it's more of a "Love-Hate" kind of thing. Anyways, I wanted to get out this past weekend and take some pictures before all the colorful leaves are gone (Back home, the first day that there are no leaves on the trees is considered Winter, even though the first official day of Winter is not until late December) and it's too cold to get out of my car.

So I traveled up to Waggoner's Gap which was a fantastic experience. I climbed up to the Hawk Watch where I found a number of Bird-Watchers looking for birds in their migration patterns (Especially hawks). I didn't see to many birds while I was at the top, and those that were there with me were saying that it was a slow migration day (and they had ALL the right equipment to see birds for miles).

So I took a few pics there because the view was incredible, and then I walked around to the other side of Waggoner's Gap which overlooks all of Cumberland Valley. That's when I saw the Hawks. Apparently, the bird-watchers were not facing the right direction...

Anyway, here are some of the pics I snapped on my photography adventure!