I stopped by Paulus Farm Market today and was thoroughly surprised by the great variety of items for sale. I expected the fruits and vegetables, but what I didn't expect was the great bakery items (cheese bread anyone?), homemade honey, meats, milk and eggs. There is even a section of frozen meals that you just take home and cook. The Peachy Pork Chops caught my eye.

Also at the market are cows, pigs, goats, chickens and geese that would love for you to toss them an apple or handful of pellets. This is a favorite of kids, as I witnessed when a little girl did the "arm wave, foot stomp, YYYEEESSSS!!!" when asked if she wanted to go see the animals.

Another great thing about the market is the U-Pick Flower Field that will be opening over the next few weeks. For a nominal fee you get to wonder through their beautiful flower gardens and fill a bucket to take home. I was told this is popular with brides who want to save some money on their flower arrangements.

I'm excited to see the market transform this fall - I've heard that where flowers once stood there will be pumpkins, hay mazes and ag-themed play areas for children. Fun!