I realized while working on an assignment recently that I would like to make a shout out to a local business! Cole's Bicycles in Carlisle is a great bike shop located on Hanover Street in Carlisle. Early last year, the key to my car nearly broke in the ignition of my car, and it being the only key to my car that existed at the time, I came very close to having a meltdown.
I went to multiple stores in Carlisle looking for someone that could replace the key quickly, but no one could match the mold for my key (it's considered a rare car I guess). Anyway, I found Cole's Bicycles and walked in with their shop as my last hope. Little did I know, I would find the NICEST couple and their son as well as one of the nicest bike shops I have ever been in. Not only did they have the mold to save my key, but they also helped me familiarize myself with Carlisle. I would later run into the owners while out getting coffee and would have another great conversation with them. So, if you need a bike, a key, or just to meet a friendly couple, stop into Cole's Bicycles!